Infrastructure Management Services involves the effective management of an organization's IT systems. This would include both hardware and software. Today services such as Server, Network, Database and Tool Management are finding more prominence in India. With customers today well equipped to work with service providers around the world, more and more companies are opting for the remote delivery model when it comes to IMS.

Infrastructure managed remotely is said to be the next growth opportunity and India is all set to cash in. A report (The Rising Remote Infrastructure Management Opportunity: Establishing India's Leadership) released by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), highlighting the findings of McKinsey & Company on RIM, details out the potential of the industry and its impact on infrastructure management. The study predicts a total addressable market estimate of $96-104 billion globally and sees India to be well positioned to secure $13 to 15 billion of this opportunity.

The study also highlights that IMS roles are going to be off shored. This would mean more job opportunities for IMS professionals in India. The industry is growing and predictions are leaning towards India benefiting from this growth. The Appnomic KGiSL IMS Finishing School was developed dedicated to gearing young talents to be better prepared to embrace this predicted growth. Let us help you realize this opportunity.


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